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Reliable taxonomic information is of great importance for numerous fields in science but also for society in general. ETI produces electronic taxonomic reference works with the aim of making this information easily accessible on a worldwide scale. Building quality taxonomic information systems and identification keys is a job for experts.

Following up on an initiative of UNESCO, ETI developed a generic data management system for taxonomic and biodiversity data, using feedback of the taxonomic community. The builder version of this software package Linnaeus II is available for download free of charge. The only requirement is to become an 'ETI-Partner' and sign a user license agreement. Linnaeus II also has Runtime version used to produce e-publications on CD-ROM, and a web publishing version, allowing dissemination of the information on the internet. An example of the latter is the Euscelidia project included in the World Biodiversity Database.

ETI partners use the Linnaeus II software to electronically manage and document their specific taxonomic knowledge,  and to create 'electronic monographs'. ETI has an electronic publishing program and subsidizes cd-rom publications of these e-monographs after a review procedure similar to that for papers submitted to scientific journals. These CD-ROMs are actual publications and have an ISBN. Authors who composed these e-monographs receive a royalty on sales. The copyrights on the data remain property of the authors and/or their institutions, and thus warrant maximum flexibility in use (and dissemination) of the information.

The distribution of the ETI CD-ROMs is done by Margraf Publishers GmbH and the UNESCO Publishing Office and their resellers. This allows us to distribute worldwide and to keep the prices of our CD-ROM reference systems as low as possible.

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