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In this section we present some highlights of ETI's past achievements. ETI has developed a wide range of information products for scientific or educational applications, varying from interactive training guides on rhinoplasty for the health industry, to a decision support system that assists in recognizing health threats such as BSE (Creutzfeld-Jakob disease), and over 100 e-monographs on biological diversity.

Latest additions

Catalogue of Life: 2006 Annual Checklist
The 2006 edition of the Species 2000/ITIS Catalogue of Life includes close to 900.000 taxa and is available both online and on CD-ROM.

Naturalis - Extinct birds

Naturalis - Extinct birds
ETI has photographed the 135 mounts, skins and skeletons of the extinct birds in the Naturalis collection in 3D. The web site is available in both the English and Dutch language.

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