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Products & services

ETI offers a large variety of (electronic) products and services to the scientific community and beyond. Here is a list of our services:

Database programming services

  • database design and development
  • reformatting and standardization (e.g. ABCD, DarwinCore)
  • integration & interoperation (e.g. DiGIR, ABCD, Species 2000)
  • database Web publishing (see Web applications)
  • data analysis and presentation through GIS (see GIS)
  • data digitalization, processing and entry

Application programming services

  • multimedia application development for scientific and educational knowledge systems (see Linnaeus II)
  • Web application development
  • animation development
  • image digitalization (2D and 3D; see 3D imaging)
  • video and sound digitalization, interactive video development

ICT project management services

  • coordination and reporting
  • activity and human resource planning
  • financial management and administration
  • outplacement services of qualified project staff

Electronic publishing services

  • CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and DVD video productions (scientific & educational; see CD catalogue)
  • online publishing
  • Web site hosting (with partners)
  • packaging design and (mass) production (see DTP)
  • intellectual property rights (IPR) issues: (limited use) licenses, and royalty contracts
  • market surveys, market development (through affiliated UK organization)
  • direct marketing, business-to-business marketing, e-marketing (through ETI-IS)
  • liasing between data providers, value adding organizations, and end users
  • exploitation and business planning for e-products and services