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Online Tools

ETI BioInformatics presents two special tools on this site to assist taxonomists and biodiversity researchers: the World Biodiversity Database and the World Taxonomist Database. We also offer an extensive links section.

World Biodiversity Database

The World Biodiversity Database (WBD) is a continuously growing taxonomic database and information system that allows you to search and browse a number of online species banks covering a wide variety of organisms. The 21 species banks accessible through the WBD offer taxonomic information, species names, synonyms, descriptions, illustrations and literature references, as well as online identification keys and interactive geographical information systems.

> Go to the World Biodiversity Database
> Contribute to the WBD

World Taxonomist Database

The World Taxonomist Database (WTD) helps you to find fellow taxonomists anywhere in the world. The database allows you to search by name, by institute, by country and by taxonomic specialization. You can find information on taxonomists and specialists all over the world. Don't forget to sign up as well, if you haven't done so already!

> Go to the World Taxonomist Database