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World Biodiversity Database

The World Biodiversity Database (WBD) is a continuously growing taxonomic database and information system that allows you to search and browse a number of online species banks covering a wide variety of organisms. The 21 species banks accessible through the WBD offer taxonomic information, species names, synonyms, descriptions, illustrations and literature references, as well as online identification keys and interactive geographical information systems. The WBD currently includes 25493 unique taxa, plus 4149 synonyms. The online publication of several projects was made possible by the financial support of NLBIF.

Most projects in the WBD were created using the Web publisher facility of Linnaeus II, ETI's data management tool for biodiversity data. ETI very much welcomes the input of the scientific community to publish monographies online in the WBD. If you are interesting in publishing your own WBD project, please see the Linnaeus II pages for more information.

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What's new

  • The main index now searches for synonyms as well.
  • The index of individuals projects now also includes synonyms, plus common names in other languages than English.
  • Multiple character key added (see Euscelidia project).
  • Dramatic speed enhancements!